Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What I'm Loving Now

When I walked into the Derek Lam store I made a bee line straight to these boots. A major splurge at $990 these divine shoes are for the truly fashion forward only.

love love love!!

Ketzali's new collection!!! I don't have pics of my all time favorite scarves yet but I was lucky enough to see the samples before they went into production. I placed my order immediately and I'm counting down the days until my cozy wool scarf arrives. Not only are Ketzali scarves eco-friendly they also donate 50% of the online profits to projects monitored by The Resource Foundation. The scarves are hand-woven by Guatemalan artisans using traditional methods passed down through generations. Check out the site & blog for updates - Ketzali 

Delfina Delettrez! This fourth generation Fendi has launched her own line of jewelry and it's obvious that style runs in her genes. The beautiful and sometimes strange pieces are all unique and feel like something you could find in the Smithsonian.  SKULLS, SNAKES & SPIDERS - OH MY!

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